Course Syllabus

Welcome to Biology!

My name is Mrs. Burt and I will be your biology teacher this year. I am so excited to get started! We are going to have a great year ahead of us.
If you need to contact me, click the "contact" link that can also be found on your home page to go to my contact information --> contact information link

Materials Needed: 

  • Headphones & Technology Device
  • Notebook (spiral of 3-ring binder with paper)
  • Post-its or paper & tape for making unit tabs
  • Pencil/pens, markers, colored pencils, highlighters etc. 

When navigating through this canvas course, all course information will be found within the modules by unit. You are expected to navigate through these modules each day. If you need help navigating though canvas, please click the "Canvas help videos" link that can also be found on your home page --> canvas help videos link

To help you be successful in this course, your home page is set up with links. Each titled box is a button to take your directly to that information. To begin, click the "welcome click here to begin" button and it will have all the information you may need to start off this course. 
The "Current Unit" button takes you to the unit overview for the module we are currently working in. This unit overview has clickable tabs across the top to identify the Unit Objectives, Unit at a glance, schedule by each week, and an end of the unit checklist. 
The "Modules" button takes you to the main page of all the modules. 
The "TEAMS Link" button takes you to the main page of teams where you are meeting with your teachers online and can have online tutoring within the general team. 

On the canvas navigation menu, you will see links on the left side of your page for "Home", "Syllabus", "Modules", "Announcements", "Grades", and "Office 365"

Below is the Course Summary of all assignments that are published and their due dates. You can click the "jump to today" link at the top of this page to see today's assignments.

Course Summary:

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