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Linear Algebra / Multivariable Calculus Syllabus  <- Click to download a copy of the syllabus below


Teacher:                                   Mr. Fowler
Room Number:                    2120
Email address:            
Conference Period:           6th Period 1:00 pm - 1:30pm (by appointment)

Website:                                  Canvas


  • Supplies:
    • I highly suggest that each student purchase a spiral notebook to take notes in and work out homework assignments.  Notes and homework will be online so students will need a place to work out the notes and work through their assignments.  Notes will be available to print but if your printer stops working, you run out of ink, or if you don't have a printer you will need a spiral notebook to write in. (students can also make a folder in their One-Drive or Class Notebook through their office 365 accounts). 
    • If you are able to, I highly suggest that you purchase a TI-Nspire cx or CAS calculator.  We will be using this calculator in class and I may not be able to help you if you are using a different calculator.
    • I have a class set of TI-Nspire graphing calculators that on-campus students will be able to use in class, but students are required to bring quart sized Ziploc bag to place over the calculators (they can use the same Ziploc bag each class).


  • Attendance:
    • Once the district is officially one-to-one, all students are expected to be in class and on time either in person or remotely through the Teams class period.  Any students who are late will receive a tardy. (remote and on-campus students)
    • **For remote learners, if there is a technology issue that prevents you from joining the Teams class, you must notify me immediately.** You will still responsible for completing the work on canvas.


  • Assignments:
    • Homework will be posted to Canvas every day within that day's page.  Homework assignments will be directly in Canvas.
    • Tests will be given on Canvas and will be open note, but they will be timed. 
    • Reassessments - Any assignment that the student scores less than a 70 on can be reassessed for up to a 70.  To reassess a homework assignment, students must request the reassessment from me within 3 days of receiving the grade for that assignment.  To reassess a test, there will be questions on the next test that will act as either a retest or bonus points if you passed the previous test.
    • All grades will be entered in Skyward. 


  • Classroom Rules (All of these apply to both on-campus and remote learners):
    • Students will:
      • SHOW RESPECT – for yourself, your peers, your teacher and your school.
      • Be attentive and active participants in all classroom activities.
      • Be present and on time to class.
      • Bring their charged device and any other necessary supplies to class every day.
      • Refrain from cheating on any assignment (see cheating/plagiarism policy below).
        • This year more than ever it will be up to you to uphold your academic integrity.  You will get out of this class as much as you put into the work.  If you cheat this year, it will only hurt you next year.
      • Not use their cell phone or have it out during class (whether in-person or remote).
      • Follow all policies and rules of Dawson High School.


  • Remote Learning Rules:
    • While learning by remote instruction, students will adhere to the following guidelines:
      • Sit in a chair at a table or desk during class.
      • Make sure your attire and your background are school appropriate (you may choose the classroom or office background option within Teams if you do not want others to see your house but this must be done at the beginning of class and not changed during the lesson).
      • Video camera must be turned on during Teams class meetings so that you may actively engage with the group.
      • Microphone must be on mute when you are not speaking to the group.
      • Wear headphones if available.
      • Have paper and a writing utensil ready when class starts.
      • Use the hand raise function in Teams if you would like to speak to the group or ask a question.
      • Use the chat function in Teams to respond to the teacher or also to ask a question.
      • Stay seated in front of the camera for the entirety of class.  If you need to use the restroom you must ask first.
      • Make sure that you and only you are doing your work.  All tests and quizzes will be taken live while on Teams and will be recorded so be honorable.
      • Have a backup plan ready now in case you encounter any technology issues.  If you cannot join the Teams class one day, what will you do?  Make a plan so that you don't panic if something happens.


  •  Tutorials:  
    • If you need help ASK FOR IT!  That’s why I’m here. 
    • You can find me in my room before school most mornings.
    • There will be tutoring times built in within the school day for both virtual and on-campus students. Take advantage of them!!

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