Course Syllabus

Welcome to 5th grade Math!



Office Hours 9:30-10:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Inbox/Email for appointment.

Learner Expectations

1.  Respect others: space, privacy, and belongings

2.  Be prepared for class: keep a planner or calendar

3.  Make smart choices! Listen, pay attention, follow directions, and get permission to speak, unmute, or leave seat

4.  Use correct behavior outside of the classroom and online

5.   Be on time: remote learners and in-class learners


👍Helpful Links

📍2nd nine weeks Graded Assignments

🛒Supply List

🙋‍♀️Welcome Letter

📑Grading Policy: Also, see page 53 of Student Handbook

-Any grade below a 70 may be corrected. Please write corrections on a piece of paper, take a picture, and send me an Inbox message with the uploaded picture and the name of the assignment.

📑Disciplinary Procedures

🖥Digital Behavioral Expectations

📘Student Handbook (English) (Links to an external site.)

📕Student Handbook (Spanish)/Manual del Estudiante (Español)

🔒Password Reset


🔎Canvas Help

Student Help Guides: Canvas basic training
Parent Pairing: Connect a parent account with your student's account.
Student Tutorials are available to include iPad basics, laptop basics, and tutorials for Microsoft 365 and more.

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