Course Syllabus

Welcome to Coach Riley's World Geography Class!


20-21 Year at A Glance

Course Description: World Geography provides students the opportunity to study the interaction of people and their physical environments in the major areas of the World.  Content introduces the students to the world of geographers, their unique vocabulary, tools and methodologies.  Students acquire an understanding of the physical setting of the earth, locate and study different landforms and regions of the world, learn how people and geography impact each other, and are introduced to urban analysis.  Content offers students the opportunity to put into practice the geographical concepts and skills through critical thinking applications about the world.  It also builds upon what the students have accumulated throughout the social studies program beginning in the elementary grades and in the Texas and United States history courses.


Materials Needed:                                                                                                 


  • Textbook
  • #2 pencils
  • Pen – black or blue only
  • Three-ring binder (at least 2”)
  • Map pencils (box of 12 at least)
  • Notebook paper or Spiral notebook
  • Binder dividers




Grading Policy:

        Tests/Essays/Projects – 60%          (There are 3-5 tests and/or 1-2 projects each nine week term)

        Daily Work/Quizzes –   40%          (Daily work includes homework, class handouts, maps, participation.  Quizzes

                                                                assess whether or not students are keeping up with the assigned readings, can

                                                                be unannounced, and may be at the beginning or end of the period.)


Late Assignments:

Assignments are turned in as is; a student will have the opportunity to reassess the assignment up to a 70 for at least 3 days after the assignment is posted on Skyward. You can’t reassess daily assignments that are zeros. If you have an absence, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the work you missed. If your absence is EXCUSED, you have as many days you were absent to make up the work. If your absence is UNEXCUSED, you will receive a zero. Assignments with no name on them will be assessed as a zero.  Due to the current situation more leniency will be given on a case by case basis.



Make-up Tests:

        You are required to take the test you miss the NEXT DAY that you return to school.  Arrangements must be

        made with the instructor to make up the test before or after school as make-up tests will not be administered

        during class time. If do not take it upon yourself to set up arrangements to retake a test you will receive a zero.



Reassessing Tests:

It is district policy that students are allowed to reassess a failing test for up to a 70. This must be arranged with the instructor and done within three days after the grade is entered in Skyward.




        Both the Fall and Spring Semester will include two to three separate projects.  Guidelines for these projects will

be given well in advance of the project’s due date, with ample time provided for completion.  Projects are not accepted late for any reason except in extreme circumstances – ex:  death in the family, hospitalization, etc.


 Required Out of Class Reading:

Students will be required readings, in addition to readings in the textbook and assigned readings. 


Classroom Rules:

  • All school rules provided in your student handbook will be followed in this classroom.
  • Intolerant or disrespectful remarks regarding other people’s views, beliefs, opinion, culture, or

                lifestyle is not an acceptable behavior in this classroom.

  • Come to class prepared (pen, binder), and ready to began work when the tardy bell rings.

                        ◊      absences will affect your grade, so your consistent presence in class will contribute to

                                your success.

                        ◊      tardies are considered a disruption to the learning environment.  Students are expected to

                                be in their seats and on task working at the beginning of each class. Standing outside the

                                door when the tardy bell rings constitutes a tardy.

                        ◊      Your textbook is not your locker or a filing cabinet.  Keep all of your handouts,

                                papers, readings, etc., organized properly in your notebook.

                        ◊      Electronic devices are to be turned off and put away during the class.  Students

                                will have them taken up and they will be turned into the office if this rule is violated. 

  • Talking during a test/quiz is considered cheating.  The test/quiz will be taken up, and the student

                will receive a recorded grade of zero.  The student’s parent will also be notified.

  • Students are to use the restroom between classes.  Students in this class are not permitted to leave

                the classroom except in the case of an emergency (to be determined by me) or when requested

                officially by a teacher or administrator.

  •  You are required to bring and maintain a notebook/binder on a daily basis.  Materials will be separated and organized.  Your notebook is one of your greatest resources to being successful in this class.  Notebook checks, which count as a daily grade, will be announced a couple of days before they are due.



Fridays: 1-2pm


Academic Honesty:

                Plagiarism is not an acceptable practice in Pearland ISD and will not be tolerated. Please refer to the student handbook for the policy on cheating.




Let's have a great school year!