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Finals Exam Information

3rd period students in Band respond HERE

Play Around with your possible final semester averages (with and without the final) HERE (excel spreadsheet)

Daily Agendas are posted in the PPTs and you may watch any class you miss in the Weekly Videos for that week.

Term Two Calendar:

Daily Instructions and Recorded Classes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week Ten
11/2 11/3 11/4 11/5 11/6

Week Ten PPT

Week Ten Videos

Sentence Beginnings

Exit ticket 11/2

Write a story using sentence beginnings Review peers' Sentence Beginnings

Othello Introduction (tutorials moved to Friday)

Ira Aldridge Article and response
Week Eleven 11/9 11/10 11/11 11/12 11/13

Week Eleven PPT

Week Eleven Video

Go over Shakespeare's Language

Anticipate themes in Othello Read Othello 1.1 Read Othello 1.2-3
Read Othello 1.3 and Review
Week Twelve 11/16 11/17 11/18 11/19 11/20

Week Twelve PPT

Week Twelve Videos

Othello Act 1 Exam (make-up 11/20)

Read Act 2

Read Act 2

Read Act 2 Review

Respond to  Act 2

                                                   THANKSGIVING BREAK                                                    

Week Thirteen 11/30 12/1 12/2 12/3 12/4

Week Thirteen PPT

Week Thirteen Videos

Act Two Review in KaHoot! Act 2 Exam Act 3.1-3 Act  3.4 Act 4.1-3
Week Fourteen 12/7 12/8
12/9 12/10 12/11

Week Fourteen PPT

Week Fourteen Videos

Read Act 5

Act 5, Act 5, whole play - Study guide on Resources page

Go over the Final Exam

Othello Review on KaHoot!


Act 3-5 Exam


Watch Othello film Watch Othello film
Week Fifteen 12/14 12/15
12/16 12/17 12/18

No weekly videos or PowerPoint

Othello article due (Optional)

Watch Othello film

1 2 3 5 4 6 7 1 4 5 6 7 2 4 5 6


4 5

Release at 11:38/45

                                                              WINTER BREAK                                                           



Major Grades (60%); Daily Grades (40%). All grades are subject to change and review by the teacher. I reserve the right to grade ANY assignment that we do in class. Remember grades are not "graded" until they appear in Skyward.


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Where Can I Find?



Tuesday: Last 15 minutes of class -- otherwise to be used as work time

Thursday: Last 15 minutes of class -- otherwise to be used as work time


MLA Video with Office 365 presets (No audio):


MLA video with no presets. Audio and detailed instructions.


PAP II Syllabus and Classroom Contract 20-21



Remind Code for Parents (optional) and Students (recommended):

1st-3rd: Text @6d8d4k to 81010                         4th -7th: Text @gf76be to 81010


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