Course Syllabus

Welcome to PreAP Chemistry! This is a rigorous academic course designed to prepare students for AP Chemistry and for college.  

This document shows the topics we will cover this year in each term: DHS Chemistry Syllabus for Canvas.docx

In order for students to be successful during this crazy year, I encourage them to keep up with the material and ASK QUESTIONS as often as they need! It is better to ask a question immediately in class/online than to struggle later on their own. 

  • We will have built-in question times during every class period--I encourage students to SPEAK UP and ASK QUESTIONS!
  • I will be available online every Mon/Wed from 12:22-12:52 for any remote learner or in-person students with A or B lunch.
  • I will be available online every Fri from 11:47-12:22 for any remote learner or in-person students with C lunch.
  • I am available anytime outside of class via Canvas message for urgent questions--NOT tutoring!

Here is a 1-min video about ME:

Here is a quick virtual tour of my classroom:

Feel free to email me any time with questions or concerns!