Course Syllabus

AP Chemistry is a college-level course for which students can take an AP exam and earn college credits.  Detailed information about the course can be found at  (although we will not follow this exact sequence!). Students are expected to take the AP Chemistry exam in May.

You  must activate your AP Classroom account at, and JOIN my course.

6th period join code: 2WD6XZ

7th period join code: PKWR2Q

For now, we will not be doing after-school labs.  Instead, labs will be virtual, done weekly at students' convenience.

In order AP students to be successful during this crazy year, I encourage them to keep up with the material and ASK QUESTIONS as often as they need! It is better to ask a question immediately in class/online than to struggle later on their own. 

  • We will have built-in question times during class every day--I encourage students to SPEAK UP and ASK QUESTIONS!
  • I will be available online every Mon/Wed from 12:22-12:52 for remote learners and in-person students with A or B lunch.
  • I will be available online every Fri from 11:47-12:22 for remote learners and in-person students with C lunch.
  • I am available anytime outside of class via Canvas message for URGENT matters--NOT tutoring!

Here is a 1-min video about ME:

Here is a quick virtual tour of my classroom:


Please email me  with any questions or concerns!