Course Syllabus

Mr. Stewart

Teacher:   Mr. Stewart

Room Number:    2123

Conference Period:      3rd Period. (by appointment)


Welcome back to a new school year!  It is a pleasure having each of you in my class.  I am looking forward to making this year a very rewarding learning experience for you.  In PreAP Geometry, the willingness to work and think is necessary to be successful. See me ASAP with any problems or concerns.  Please come with a positive attitude and ready to work.  I will help you as much as I can, but, in the end, it is up to you to be successful.



         - Teacher District Website:

         - Canvas Website:


- Textbook: Students will have access to the Geometry textbook online as a resource and assignments.

Links will be provided on the above websites

- There are many resources available on the internet for students and parents to help students that are    struggling.  Some websites that that I have been told were helpful are,,,,, and


Supplies for class      

  • A laptop to complete quizzes, tests, etc…
  • Spiral notebook with pockets for notes
  • 3-ring binder or folder that is ONLY for math
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Pencil/Pen every day
  • 1 box of tissue if you are a boy (to be left in class) or 1 bottle of hand sanitizer if you are a girl (to be left in class). This is for in class students only.


I have a class set of scientific calculators that students will be able to use in class.


Grading (see pages 24-25 in Parent/Student Handbook)

-        No credit will be given for writing just the answer on homework, quizzes and tests (ie. you must

        show your work).

-        Homework will be assigned most days and is to be completed before the beginning of the next class.

-        The top of every homework assignment must contain your name or you will not receive credit.


-  All grades will be posted online on Skyward and can be accessed by all students and parents via the district and school websites.  There is also a skyward app for your phone


- There are two categories for grades:

   Daily* (homework, quizzes, and in class assignments)            40%

   Tests      60%





  1. Be prepared and ready to learn!! Bring your laptop and binder/folder, journal and a PENCIL/PEN to every day.
  2. Students caught cheating will receive a zero in their grade book and will be turned into the office for additional consequences. Please see page 37 in the Parent/Student handbook for a complete list of consequences.
  3. Students have 5 days, after their Test grade is posted in Skyward, to request to re-assess if they make below a 70. PreAP students may only retest 2 Exams per grading period.
  4. Online homework assignments will have 2 days to complete. Students are expected to complete them the first day. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  (The second day is just in case there are technical issues, absences, etc…) Not submitting an online homework assignment before the set deadline results in a zero.  As per our homework policy, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. 



  1. Respect

- Respect for the teacher, other students, and school property is NOT negotiable.

  1. No Food or Drink is permitted in class.

- I will confiscate and throw away all food and non-water drinks brought into my classroom.

  1. Dress Code and Student ID Cards

- Students not in compliance of the dress code (whether on line or in person) or failure to wear YOUR school issued I.D. while on campus will result in disciplinary action. (page 16 and 45-47)


Course Summary:

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