Course Syllabus

Welcome to PreAP Chemistry! This is a rigorous academic course designed to prepare students for AP Chemistry and for college.  

This document shows the topics we will cover this year in each term: DHS Chemistry Syllabus for Canvas.docx

  • Students must be able to access and submit assignments via Canvas
  • Lab makeups/test makeups: please have your student talk to me about the best time to make up missing work.  I am available before/after school for any questions!
  • Tutorials: Eagle Hour (B) T/F, also before school most days and during my duty time in the hallway
  • Conference times:  4th period or 5th period
  • Grading Percentages: 60% Major grades (exams, quizzes, and projects)         

                                                30% Labs 

                                                10% Daily work and homework

  • Homework is not accepted late; students have 5 free “homework passes” per semester
  • Labs are penalized 10% each day they are late
  • Cheating will result in a ZERO on the assignment, lab, or test; detention being assigned; and parents being contacted.  Cheating may result in being ineligible for honor societies.  Cheating includes having/using a cell phone during exams.

From last year, here is a 1-min video about ME:

Here is a quick virtual tour of my classroom:

Feel free to email me any time with questions or concerns!